Atomic Biology vs Evolution

Why is this new God-based life-science of “Atomic Biology” such a BIG DEAL ?

    Don’t let the name “Atomic Biology” scare you … the basics are simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand.     

    This newly discovered life-science must have been used to construct the first living entities at the beginning of “Life” and all living entities since, including us.  Super-intelligence is essential for building cells.

    How do we know this?

     Because it has recently been shown that mankind, even with all our vast accumulation of scientific knowledge and sophisticated equipment, we do not have anywhere near enough intelligence to build even the simplest molecular machine needed for our new cells every day.

    The three Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry (2016) received this award for building a few tiny, non-living molecular machines. It took them 33 years and the best unit they could build is almost infinitely more simplistic than the simplest built for our new cells every day of the week.

    “So what?” you may ask. “What’s the Big Deal about this?”

    Here is the Big Deal:

1.   Since we now know that it takes far more intelligence than mankind has to build cell-parts, cells, and us, this means it takes “Super-Intelligence”.

2.   This totally rules out “Evolution” as the cause of life as, by definition, it has no intelligence to use.  

3.   The only Super-Intelligent force known to mankind is the awesome Creator, “God”, who is acknowledged by our Governments and the majority of our citizens.  Therefore, He is confirmed as the cause of life. Only He has the intelligence and capability of finding, sorting, selecting, counting, and precisely assembling in sequence all the right numbers of the right atoms to construct all of our highly complex cell-parts, programming each DNA strand, etc. and adding the divine “Breath-of-Life”, without which no cell lives or functions.

4.   Therefore all the textbooks that say ‘Evolution’ is the cause of life must be replaced if we want true and accurate life-science taught to our students.  Otherwise, we will continue to allow the teaching of a false and misleading life-science. What teacher, other than a devout atheist, wants that to be their legacy.

5.   What are the major benefits of this newly discovered science?

    (a) In addition to replacing “Evolution” as the false cause of life, the confusing and time-wasting debate can be ended, if we will to do so;

    (b) The confusion, anxiety, and perhaps even some depression can be ended regarding whether we have a caring Creator, Provider, Sustainer, and Maintainer, or not;

    (c) An attitude of gratitude can be regained for all the food, drinking water, finely-tuned universe, wisdom for life, 24/7 careful works, and all the other blessings made for us (whether we thank Him or not).

(d) Research into the beneficial applications of this new science has begun. These include improvements in agriculture, aquaculture, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, physical and mental health, and reduction of some health-care costs.

    It will take some time and effort to make this change, but how much more time should it be given? There will be resistance, but truth will eventually be understood.

    Each of us can share this news to help make our world a better place.

    The book or e-book, Darwin’s Replacement can help.